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Becoming a member of the DreamWaking Society is truly stepping into your greatness. Being a member means you have identified your purpose for existence on this planet and have decided to share your gift with the world.  You have stepped into the Global Movement Leader arena and declared you are going to make massive positive changes in the world.  The DreamWaking Society is here to support you in making your dreams become reality.  The benefits of being a member are amazing and numerous and we would like to share with you what it means to be a member of the DreamWaking Society:

DreamWaking Society Membership Benefits:

  • DONE FOR YOU Complete and Compliant Set-up of Your own 508
  • Membership into the ONLY 508 DreamWaking Society and Community in Existence
  • Live One-on-One: Structuring & Creating Your 508’s Purpose, Programs, Planning and Funding
  • Drafting/Filing the Articles of Incorporation to Conform to 508(c)(1)(a) Requirements and State Law
  • Obtaining a New 508 EIN for Tax Exemption
  • Drafting the By-laws to Reflect your 508’s Desired Governing Structure
  • Drafting Governance Policies the IRS Recommends
  • Providing a Minute Book of All Corporate Documents
  • Resources, Clarity, Direction, and Confidence
  • Connect, Collaborate, and Grow with other 508 Society Members in DreamWaking Society
  • Bi-Weekly Training Calls to Maximize Growth of Your 508
  • Shift your Mindset from a Job or Business Owner to a 508 Owner’s Mentality
  • Preparation of your first end of year IRS forms
  • 508 Training for You, Your Agents, Accountant, and Staff
  • Stay Up-to-Date on Rules and Regulations to Stay Compliant
  • Access to Grant Writing
  • Moving Assets into the 508, Purchasing into Your 508
  • Proper Trust Creation
  • Website: Blog, Q & A, Video Training and Society Access
  • Optional 10% Program (Rising Tide)
  • Cross promoting with other 508 owners
  • Our 508 members are seeking donations that you may benefit from.
  • 5 Tickets to DreamWaking Society 3-Day 508 Mastery Live Event

Total Value: $188K +