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1. This meeting is going to take about 20-30 min. Do you have that time blocked out?*

2. Just like our last order to be sure that we cover everything, I'm going to read over a list of questions with you. I'm going to do my best at sticking to these questions exactly because I know that by doing that, I will be serving you the most. Do you agree to help me do that?*

3. Do you have a pen and your notebook with notes from our last call ready?*

4. Which of your scheduled tasks from last week did you accomplish? *

Congratulations on what you have accomplished. Give yourself a big pat on the back. It is really amazing to see that you are actually moving toward your dreams because few people ever take any steps at all in that direction.

5. What is something that happened since our last call that you can learn from or improve on? *

6. What is something you did since our last call that you feel good about and how can you do more of that? *

7. Do you feel inspired to keep heading towards the same main goal or are you feeling inspired to change it? *
Same GoalNew Goal
If selecting new goal, what is the new goal?

8. It's very important to keep reiterating and stay focused on why we are going for these goals because that why is our fuel. What does reaching this goal mean to you and why is important to you? *

9. What are the next 5 major steps you can take toward that goal? *

10. Let's turn these 5 steps into 15 smaller ones. *

11. Of these steps you have written down, how many can you reasonably accomplish in two weeks? *

12. These are the steps that are currently the most important for leading you to your destiny. To make sure you get them done, will you commit to scheduling at least 3 of them as soon as this call is over? *

13. What was your favorite thing about this meeting and why? *

14. What is something you can be grateful for right now? *

15. What do you want to be the most grateful for when we talk again in two weeks? *

16. Who are 3 people you know that would benefit most from this type of support and accountability? *

17. Will you commit to contacting them and explaining the benefits of this program? *

18. Have you taken advantage of the limited time Pioneer program offer that includes the Earthwaking University lifetime membership and the commission upgrade in the Tree of Life?*

Congratulations! You made a great decision.


No problem, the opportunity is still available for now so make sure you secure your upgrade ASAP! Just click on the Pioneer upgrade link in the left menu bar of your Earthwaking user dashboard.

19. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve these accountability calls? *

20. When can we meet two weeks from now? * Please tick the box indicating you have scheduled the next call.

21. Now before we end this meeting, let's go over your next steps. *
Share your website link with 3 people so they can take the Awaken Your Destiny MasterclassSchedule your 3 steps for this weekPut our accountability call in two weeks into your calendar

Additional Notes/Comments

Congratulations on another successful call and for staying on the path of your dreams! You are an amazing person and I am honored and privileged to be part of this journey with you!