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I want to welcome you to the program and personally congratulate you on making such an incredible decision that is going to positively impact not just your life but also the lives of everyone around you. Who you are makes a difference and I just want to thank you for being you...

1. This first meeting is going to take about 30 - 45 min. Do you have that time blocked out?*

2. In order to be sure that we cover everything and to be sure we get the most benefit out of our time together, I'm just going to read over a list of questions with you. I want to try my very best at sticking to these questions exactly and not try to change them because I know that by doing that, I will be serving you the most. Do you agree to help me do that?*

3. Do you have a pen and notebook ready?*

4. Do you have your work from the goal setting exercise?*

5. Did you complete your first step that you committed to during the awaken your destiny class?*

Congratulations! Few people ever take any steps into the direction of their dreams! Give yourself a big pat on the back


No worries, every moment is a second chance. We’ll get your momentum built by the end of this call. How’s that sound?

6. Did you watch the welcome video, Tree of Life Video and begin the Awakened Life program?*



You can access them in the left menu bar in your Earthwaking User Dashboard. Will you commit to that over the next 2 weeks?

7. What was your #1 biggest dream you are going to start working toward?*

8. What were the 5 steps to move you in that direction?*

9. We can only build on success and the key to reaching our dreams is momentum. Break each of these 5 steps down into 3 smaller steps. This will give you 15 steps for smaller, simpler bites and will give you the opportunity to celebrate as you mark off each from your to do list.*

10. How many of these steps can you reasonably do over the next two weeks?*

11. These are the steps that are currently the most important for leading you to your destiny. To make sure you get them done, will you commit to scheduling at least 3 of them as soon as this call is over?*

12. What is something you can be grateful for right now?*

13. What was your favorite thing about this meeting and why?*

14. Can you think of 3 people you know of that could benefit from this type of support and accountability in their life?*

We believe that the more people are in this program, the better off humanity will be. When you signed up for the program, you were given a position in the tree of life which gives you the ability to earn commissions anytime you refer people to anything earth waking university has to offer. You were also given your own personal earth waking website. On that website is a link to access the awaken your destiny masterclass for free. will you commit to telling these 3 people about your amazing experience with this program and give them the link to your website so they can attend the free masterclass just like you did?

15. When can we meet two weeks from now? Please tick the box indicating you have scheduled the next call*

16. Now before we end this meeting, let's go over your next steps.*

Once again, congratulations and welcome to the family! This could literally be one of the best decisions you've ever made because you really did just set your dreams into motion and make a real commitment to bringing them to reality! Plus you are now part of a movement to awaken this world into a more loving and joyous place! This is such an exciting moment and I'm both honored and privileged to be a part of your journey. Have an incredible 2 weeks and until next time always remember to go out there and give what you want to get and be the change you wish to see.

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