Personal Development

Personal development is necessary in life to achieve the goals you set for yourself and beyond.  We would like to share with you some books, meditations and videos that may be of great benefit to you.

MUST Reads

Think and Grow Rich   by Napoleon Hill

The Strangest Secret   by Earl Nightingale

The Science of Getting Rich   by Wallace D. Wattles

As a Man Thinketh   by James Allen

The Richest Man in Babylon   by George Samuel Glason

You Were Born Rich   by Bob Proctor

Millionaire Success Habits   by Dean Graziosi

The Circle of Profit   by Anik Singal

Meditation Audio

Take Action Now

Holosync MP3 – Important: This mp3 is called Holosync. Use stereo headphones and listen to the first 30 minutes (ONLY) everyday for 2 weeks. There is a break between the first and second half. After 2 weeks, start listening to the entire hour. If you have deeply repressed memories, these may surface. This is ok, once the emotions surface, they will pass and your mind will be much more at ease.

Meditation and Inspirational Videos