Spiritual Capitalist Coaching Session

Hi ___________ this is ___________ from Jonathan England's office. You scheduled a spiritual capitalist coaching session with Jonathan. He posted that video and the response was much greater than we anticipated. He is a great guy who gives his whole heart so some of us Certified Coaches from Earthwaking University are helping him out with the calls. Would you be OK with allowing me the honor of serving you on this call today?

Alright, well we can dive right in and get started with this call if you want?

- Ok, well how this call will go is I will start off by asking you some questions about your business. Then if it sounds like I can help and if it sounds like we're a good fit I'll explain what we have to offer and how that works and everything. Then at the end you can make a decision whether you want to be part of it or not. How does that sound?

Do you have a process in place to get customers at will?*

Are you comfortable relying on this style of operating your business?*

Ok so you are having these issues ______ and you want _______ , do I have that right?

Ok ___, well we can definitely help you with that.

Would you like me to tell you about what we do?*

- Well our area of expertise is helping heart centered coaches generate over $10k per month by
building a laser focused marketing campaign. We typically work with the coaches and our goal is to
help them reach the $10k mark within 30 days and then we scale their business to as large as they
want it from there.

- We work with clients twice a month with 1 on 1 calls where we will get clarity on exactly what is
stopping them, why it is happening and exactly what to do move forward and do whatever we need to
get you the results. There are 5 specific things we help clients do in order to get them to their goals.

- #1 We call Laying the foundation: We help them to Develop their "Spiritual Capitalist" Mindset - this is the foundation of building a heart centered coaching business and it includes helping them master their paradigm and dissolve any limiting beliefs that could be stopping them. People don't realize that the invisible anchor that is holding them down is actually their own paradigm. The breakthrough processes we do to dissolve these limiting beliefs gets rid of the glass ceiling that causes plateauing and gives you the ability to skyrocket into your goals. Does that sound like it would be helpful for you?

- #2 We call Niche crafting: The 2nd thing we help coaches do is to pick and refine their niche! Picking the best niche and knowing exactly what that niche wants and how to speak to them is the most important thing to get right if you want to be able to make a lot of money...if you want to serve people to the fullest...and if you want to make sure you have something that you'll be passionate about and will create fulfillment in your life. Imagine having people literally begging to give you money to help them solve their most painful problems which would drastically improve the quality of their lives. Would that be something you would enjoy?

- #3 We call Product design: The 3rd thing we do is help coaches develop a solid and marketable
framework that will create maximum results for their clients. Then we will take this framework and use it to easily and quickly create all of their products, whether it be online courses, events, retreats, a book, group coaching or 1 on 1 coaching. What if you had the ability to automate and duplicate yourself so that you had the freedom to live a life of your dreams all while serving the greater good? Would that be valuable for you?

- #4 We call Inspire Transformation: The 4th thing we do is help coaches craft their irresistible offer and signature presentation so they will be able to effortlessly and authentically inspire clients to invest in their products. All the way from their low end offers of a few hundred dollars to their high end offers which could possibly go up to 10, 20 or even over $50k! Would having a perfectly crafted, irresistible offer that inspires clients to consistently sign up for all of your products be something you'd be interested in?

- #5 We call virtual ATM Machine: The 5th thing we do is create a done for you funnel design. We will personally build your online sales funnel! You will have your landing pages, offer pages, survey pages, ad campaign and automated emails all built for you and completely legal and compliant. This will be like your own personal ATM machine that does all the heavy lifting for you. Imagine being able to just push the button to turn on your ads and on the other side, you have money in the bank and ideal clients who are ready, willing and eager to learn from you. Would that feel pretty good?

Ok, great! Do you have any questions on how I work with clients?* (stay quiet and the prospect will keep asking questions until they have a clear understanding, eventually they will ask for the price)


So Jonathan has personally invested nearly $400,000 dollars and thousands of hours to master these skills and since you are going to have him personally on your team, you won't have to put very much time or money into building your business. The everyday price for this is $15k for the 3 months of coaching plus $15k for the done for you funnel build. Which is a total of $30k but we have found that those who make decisions quickly always turn out to be the best clients and we do amazing work together so for that reason we have something called incentive based pricing where if you make a decision on the call with me today, we basically knock 50% off so the investment would only be $6k per month for 3 months or an easy 1 time full pay of only $12,997. Which of these feels like the best fit for you?



(only answer 3 objections, then move to down-sell)

Magic Question:

"Look, the REAL decision you are making isn't whether or not to coach with us or anyone else out
there. That's really irrelevant...
The REAL decision you have to make is whether or no you are ready to commit to (having the things
they said they wanted)


whether or not you want to continue (having all the problems and challenges) That's the real decision you are going to be faced with, until you are ready to change.


"How much time do you need to decide?"
Is there something in particular you need to think about that we can discuss right now?"
Flesh that out and talk about it. (this will likely lead to)
I need time to find the money and look over my finances / I just don't make decisions on the spot
"Ok great. When specifically will you be looking over your finances?"


"When will you be sitting down to think about it?"
"Perfect. So you will have looked over your finances by _______ tomorrow?
"Awesome, I just friended you on Facebook, just reach out to me there and get enrolled by noon
tomorrow and I will hold those savings for you until then"


"Okay..."(silence) "We understand that finances can be a challenge, and we always do our best to work with people in this scenario."
"Let me ask you this, is this something you really want to do? Because if it's not a good fit, that is okay too"
("Oh no, I want to do it")
"So how can we make this happen for you?


"Tell me more about that." (Let them tell you.)
"Ok, so you shared with me throughout the call that this is exactly what you need to do to move
forward. So tell me, how is it that you are going to afford to continue without it?" (I can't)
"So how can we make this a reality for you?"


"So tell me how that would work?" (Let them tell you whatever.)
"Ok, so let me see if I've got this right? What you are saying is that you are going to continue to do what you have told me is building your business slowly and isn't even paying your bills. Are you going to continue to do what's not working long enough to someday build up a SURPLUS of cash to invest in what will work? Is that an accurate statement?"
("Well, that sounds silly, I know.")
"So how can we make this work for you?"


"Do you mind if I ask you a question about that?"
"When WILL it be a good time for you to start putting the things you said are most important to you
into your life?"


"How will you know when it's time to start doing and having the things in your life that you just told me were so important?"


"I get that...and I encourage that. We want this to be a great fit for everyone."
"Can I ask you this? What haven't we discussed that you still need to think about? That's why I take the time on these calls. I'm here right now to help you make an empowered decision. While you still have me on the phone here, what questions or concerns do you still have that are unanswered?" (Discuss...)

If they can decide in 24 hours, or the next day, we just set a specific TIME and DAY they need to enroll by to get the incentive price.


"There's somebody you don't trust and it's either Jonathan or you. Which do you think it is and let's discuss that."

What SPECIFIC outcomes would you need to see to make this TOTALLY worth the investment of time
and resources? What would make this a complete NO BRAINER for you?"
"That's exactly what we will be addressing"


"Absolutely. We guarantee that if you keep doing what you're doing, you'll get the same results. So
that's our guarantee."

"Now with that said, we also guarantee that our system works. But if you're looking for an out before you begin, then we're probably not a good fit for you because that's really not the energy that will serve you or us.

"It's all good either way. Let's just be clear that you should either commit to this with the attitude that this is going to work for you fully and completely or you decide that it's not right for you at this time. If it's not a good fit, that's totally ok. "But I can assure you this, people who are looking for a reason for something not to work usually find it."


"Yes, I totally understand. That is very important. So let me clarify here. Are you saying you are in and you just need to get a 'sign-off' from your spouse/partner, and then we are moving forward? Or is there something else?

If yes, say, "Ok great!. When specifically will you guys be able to talk?" "Perfect. So you will have spoken with your spouse by ________ tomorrow..."

"Awesome, I just friended you on Facebook, just reach out to me there and get enrolled by noon
tomorrow and I will hold those savings for you until then."

Note: OFFER to get on the phone with the spouse and discuss, too. It works really well when you do.
Just be sure when they do come on the phone that you don't start blabbing about you.

Start the conversation by asking "Great, what questions do you have about us helping your
husband/wife grow their heart centered coaching business?"

Address their concerns and questions ONLY!

Examples from other students using the exact strategies I'm going to teach you:
- Mel created Leavehisass.com
- Olani started making $20k per month within 90 days just with coaching alone, no products
- Erik is working with fathers who have insomnia
- Brittany is making around $30k per month with her binge eating niche
- And Jonathan has personally used them in multiple niches. He's done it with the real estate niche, the non-profit niche, the cryptocurrency niche and he's about to launch in the the single guy wanting to attract a their queen niche but most importantly we're teaching you exactly what Jonathan did to get you here on the phone with me now. You've walked through the process 1st hand so you know that it works.



In the slim chance that they don't take the initial offer, say:

I have another idea that may help you out. If we had an offer that could give you everything you need to confidently build your business without the 1 on 1 time with Jonathan but was a much smaller
investment would you like to hear about that?

Awesome! There are 3 parts to it.

#1 Jonathan has created an online course that walks you through the entire 5 step process that he would be going through with you during the one on one calls. You'll be able to create it all yourself by following the simple step by step instructions. He's even going to give you his exact marketing funnel and all you will have to do is edit it to fit you and your niche.

#2 is the accountability program. We know that power of having someone to keep you accountable,
support you, believe in you and help you stay clear and focused on your vision is the most important
thing once you have the correct information to act on. Even though you wont have Jonathan to do 1 on
1 coaching calls with, you will have one of our accountability coaches that you will talk to on the
phone every other week to keep you on track and fully supported. and

#3 which is the part I am most exited about is this... Jonathan has an invite only 4 day retreat that he asked me to only share with people that I feel would be a good fit and the I think he would like to spend 4 days with. I feel like you might be a good fit. During this powerful retreat, you will work personally with Jonathan to scale and automate your Spiritual Capitalist Business. The intention is that you will already have your business built and producing money by the time we get to the retreat and this will be where Jonathan takes you to the next level by creating your online courses and signature presentation. This is what you will use to be able to sell your course to large audiences either from stage or on a webinar. Since the online course will take none of your time and have no overhead, we will be able to grow your business from $10k per month to as big as you want to take it... We will also work on enhancing your speaking and presentation skills plus you'll be able to Mastermind and network with Jonathan and other high level coaches...not to mention the fun and adventure! This is going to be held in February. The location is either going to be FL or Costa Rica depending on the group size Either way its going to be warm and unforgettable. This package also includes a bonus that is currently only available to people who attend this retreat. It is the Earthwaking University Mentor Certification where we will feature you inside of the Earthwaking University platform. This means you will bet getting free qualified leads and you will be able to speak on Earthwaking Stages and even more importantly, you will get to be part of our vision to re-invent the educational system. Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

Once they ask for price:

This is a once in a lifetime, invite only $10k retreat and I am only offering it to the right people that I feel inspired to share it with. And it also includes the step by step Spiritual Capitalist Online course, plus you will be enrolled into the accountability program, plus you will be able to qualify to the Earthwaking University Mentor Certification and we've included several thousand dollars worth of surprise bonuses as well. So that's a value of over $20k value and The investment for you today would only be 3 easy payments of $2,000 or 1 very easy payment of only $4997! Which one feels like a better fit for you? (If they ask, they can bring someone for an extra $1497)


In the very very slim chance that they don't take that offer:

- Jonathan told me to please not let anyone leave this call without have the tools they need so he created an extremely special offer so no one would have to miss out no matter how low their budget is. Would you like to hear about this?

- Jonathan created a super special offer that I think is perfect for you. It includes the 5 module Spiritual Capitalist online course that I just told you about and the accountability program. So you'll still have all the step by step instructions and you'll still have the 1 on 1 accountability coach, the only thing you will be missing is that you will not get to spend any time with Jonathan in a 1 on 1 or small group setting.

- The investment in this program would only be $1000 plus $500 a month for the accountability. The
first month is included and you can cancel the accountability program anytime (although we ask for at least a 3 month commitment).

We also have special pricing and bonuses for people who decide to sign up on the spot. The bonuses include 2 tickets to our 3 day Awakened Life Live event which is where we are going to spend 3 full days doing the belief breakthrough processes to remove any limiting beliefs that could be blocking you from your goals and replace them with the truth so all those invisible anchors will drop off and the glass ceiling will shatter.

This bonus is valued at $4k plus we have several other super powerful surprise bonuses that we are going to include as well. The special pricing we have when you decide to enroll today would include the $1000 spiritual capitalist online course, the $500/month accountability program, the 2 tickets to Awakened Life Life valued at $4k and the surprise bonuses and the investment would be a very very minimal investment of only $497 today plus $99 per month starting in 30 days. This by far the greatest offer we have ever made and most people sign up immediately when they hear it. Would you like me to go ahead and secure your special pricing for this incredible opportunity now?

Pioneer Program Enroll